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These Products Might Be Great, But Their Names Were Poorly Chosen

Although we often do not notice them, advertised products are all around us. From the clothes we wear to the medicine we take, different design and marketing teams have created all these elements to appeal to our tastes. Choosing a fitting name is one of the most critical stages of product development. And while some brands have been a hit (take Coca-Cola, Band-Aid, or Tylenol, for example), others were a complete disaster. These products might have been great back when they first appeared, but one thing is sure: their names did not stand the test of time!

Mini what?

These days, dry shampoo is not something unusual. It has helped all of us when in a rush. However, it was not always so common. Back in the 40s, this product began flooding the market, and here is one of the leading brands…

Minipoo shampoo from 1962 - Bad vintage product names at Click Americana
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Minipoo Dry Shampoo was produced until the late 60s. It was marketed for when you are sick, when you get a perm, or in case of a surprise date. Most importantly, it was safe for children because it had no soap to get in their eyes!

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