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Fruit Cocktail Was A Staple Of The 50s, And Here Are The Recipes To Prove It

Have you ever had a fruit cocktail as a dessert? Although there is a large chance you have tried it once or at least seen the cans at the supermarket, you probably do not consume it as much as people did in the 50s. It makes sense that it was so popular back then when they only had seasonal fruits. But these days, you can get all sorts of berries, tropical fruits, and much more all year round. Still, if you want to upgrade your vintage cooking skills, here are some canned fruit cocktail recipes!

What your holiday dinner needed

If you love cooking a feast for the holidays, but you feel like every year you do the same boring dishes, this next recipe might be just what you need to spice up your Christmas dinner.

Dec 10, 1956 eggnog fruit cocktail pie 1
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Make an eggnog pie! Line your favorite pie crust on a tin. Then, make a simple egg nog filling by combining a pack of gelatin with two cups of eggnog. Mix in the cocktail fruit and bake for 45 minutes on low heat.

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