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These Cool ’90s Gadgets Are Now Pop-Culture Icons

Nostalgia for the ’90s is still strong today, with more and more shows from that era being rebooted and fashion trends making their way into modern trends. Did you know that today’s technology originated during those years? In the decade that gave us the internet, it seemed like a new and improved piece of technology was invented every year. Any good ’90s kid remembers these technological dinosaurs, which are now obsolete but were ubiquitous and cutting-edge back then. Let’s take a look at them!

Electronic diaries

Electronic diaries were used as a PDA for children, storing information such as contacts and dates to remember. The Dear Diary model from Tiger Electronics also included a horoscope. They were clamshell-shaped and frequently brightly colored.

Photo: Pinterest

If the user desired privacy, the keyboard could be locked so that no one could see the information. However, electronic diaries were not always the most reliable, leading to a decline in popularity over time, but in the 1990s, these kiddie PDAs were all the rage for the tech-savvy child.

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