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There Was No PS5 In The 90s: These Gaming Consoles Were Everything Back Then

Over the years, every major industry has undergone immense transformations, from primitive operations to technologically advanced ways. The gaming industry has, over the years, produced lots of consoles, with some of them already gone into extinction. It has undergone lots of evolutions before becoming what we know today. This post is to take you down the memory lane of console gaming.  

1972: Magnavox Odyssey 

Developed by a team led by Ralph H. Baer at Sanders Associate, the Magnavox Odyssey is the first video game console to be manufactured. It’s fondly known for its appearance, like a brown box with connecting wires and block-like controllers.

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Being the first home gaming console to be made, it served as the beginning of the home gaming concepts. It could work with any television set. Many games like tennis, light gun, and ping pong could be played on it. Commonly, it is known as “Brown Box”. It is no longer in production. 

1979: Intellivision

The Intellivision, a combined form of intelligent television, was launched by Mattel Electronics. It was well-known as the first to use licensed sports titles in the industry and to be the best console in terms of graphics. 

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The console had wood linings together with a black and gold chassis. It looks quite old in appearance. It has since been discontinued. 

1990: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo manufactured the Super Nintendo gaming console. It marked a major upgrade of the industry. Super Nintendo was known for its rich and vast collections of Top games like Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man. The console was known in almost every part of the world. 

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This system was famed for its highly immersive video games, new graphics, and sound capabilities. It looks similar to other consoles in appearance and uses game cartridges. The production of this console has ceased, but is still popular with retro gamers. 

2000: PlayStation 2

Sony designed the PlayStation 2, which was developed as a successor to the PlayStation. It was a top-drawer console and is the best-selling video game console in history. It’s a system with high compatibility and excellent technical power. It was said to be more powerful than a regular PC. 

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The PlayStation 2 was better than its competitors in every possible way. Its graphics rendering, connectivity, aesthetics, and performance are second to none, thus making it the most popular console in the world. The console looks like a big DVD player. While the production of this console has ceased, it is still well known and opened doors for newer models like the PS4 and PS5.

2001: Xbox

The Xbox is the first of the Xbox gaming console series. Microsoft designed it and is the major competitor to the Sony PlayStation. It had a large game library and an inbuilt hard disk. It was Microsoft’s first attempt at console gaming. 

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The Xbox was highly famed for its internet connectivity using an integrated Ethernet port. It was a front-runner in online gaming. In appearance, it is quite similar to the PlayStation 2. It has developed into the continuing Xbox series, but the original Xbox (2001) production has ceased. 

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