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Where Is Your Prized BlackBerry Today? We’ll Always Remember These 90s Tech Gadgets

Technology is always advancing, making it interesting to look back at the innovations of former periods and how improved or obsolete they’ve become today. In the 90s, we had the Walkman, and now we have iPods. Oh, how times have changed. Most of the devices that made life enjoyable in the 1990s and early 2000s are no longer in existence. In this article, we’ll take a tech walk down memory lane. See how many gadgets you had growing up!

iMac G3

Gen Z kids can’t relate to the value attached to having a computer of your own. With their smartphones and smartwatches serving as computers in different capacities, we don’t blame them for not understanding how cool computers were in the 2000s.

Courtesy: CNN

The iMac G3 was a very sleek computer back in 2000; having one in college was almost inevitable. Although they took up too much space, they were state-of-the-art gadgets back in those days.

My Password Journal

Personal and private tech was everything, and everyone wanted this password journal. It was a prized possession of almost every teenager in the early 2000s. Gadgets like these were treasured back then because they were the closest things teens had to a personal phone.

Courtesy: Medium

This special password journal could only be unlocked with the owner’s voice– another reason for it to be a valued possession. You could enter anything into this high-tech journal, from the teacher you disliked to your crush.

BlackBerry Phone

The coolest early 2000s kids were those that had BlackBerry phones. Having a BlackBerry Curve was a huge flex in those times because these phones seemed to be able to do everything; they were the smartphones of the 2000s.

Courtesy: MobGsm

The most thrilling part of having a BlackBerry was that you belonged to the exclusive group of pingers; exchanging BlackBerry pins was how the OG’s rolled back then. We also miss those tiny buttons.


You can’t claim to be a 90s kid if you or one of your friends haven’t pulled a fast one on someone with the magical features of the Talkboy. This device was used by Kevin in the Home Alone films, further popularizing the toy.

Courtesy: eBay

The Talkboy was an audio recorder that could manipulate vocals by slowing them down or speeding them up. This toy was a lot of fun in the early 1990s– and it also encouraged some mischief and trickster attitudes.

Nintendo Game Boy

This huge slab of grey hardware was a major highlight of 90s kids’ childhood, especially the boys. Being a handheld game, it always followed kids wherever they went– whether they were in a boring class or at home.

Courtesy: Business Insider

With new titles like Final Fantasy Legend and everyday favorites like Tetris, Nintendo Game Boy was as exciting and enjoyable as PS 5 is today. We can’t forget how we blew on the cartridge bottoms to make them work again.

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