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These 2000s Trends Were So Fetch and Are Making a Comeback

The idea of time travel may not seem achievable at the moment, but when it comes to fashion, it kind of feels like we are back in the 2000s. Recently, old Y2K fashion and 00s trends have been reappearing. There have been multiple sightings of low-rise jeans, chunky heels, and colorful bracelets. Here are the top 2000s fashion trends that are making a comeback. 

Ballet Flats

In the early 2000s, ballet flats were a popular shoe trend and were desired for their comfort. Although its popularity died down, it is now making a comeback in today’s fashion stalls. 

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Brands like Miu Miu released a collection of flats in 2023. This sudden resurgence of ballet flats can be attributed to the “ballet core” aesthetic on the internet. It is projected that many other brands are looking to produce better versions of ballet flats by infusing them with other shoe models. 

Babydoll and Graphic Tees

If you still have some of your graphic tees somewhere in your closets, it’s time to bring them out cause they are trendy again! All thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, whose street-style fashion influenced their comeback. 

Courtesy: Instagram/Pinterest

Brands like Versace and Sandy Liang are taking advantage of this trend and have released many baby-doll tees. Like ballet flats, the return of preppy and graphic tees is all thanks to supermodels and celebrities. Now, the tees are paired with sneakers and low-rise jeans. 

Pleated Skirts 

If you love pleated skirts, this one is definitely for you, as pleated skirts are projected to rule the fashion scene in 2024. According to fashion experts, the fashion templates for the future years will heavily depend on past and contemporary styles.

Courtesy: Pinterest/Pinterest

It is predicted to be on-trend for the fall and winter fashion collections of 2024. It’s exciting to see how 00s trends are being reformed to fit today’s fashion standards. 

Structured Vests

Who says suits have to be boring? Structured vests with jeans were the go-to fashion for celebrities on the runway in the 2000s. Although its popularity has yet to pick up the pace, structured vests are gradually becoming the people’s favorite.

Luxury brand designers are now remaking structured vests. Recent sightings of structured vests on celebrities show they are paired with A-line pants. Some accentuate the look with slingback designer heels to give off a formal look, while others wear retro sneakers for a casual vibe. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were the typical outfit during the early 2000s and were loved for their numerous pockets. Like other fashion trends, cargo pants have also returned, with brand designers like Isabel Marant and Givenchy taking full advantage of their recent popularity. 

Courtesy: Pinterest/Elle

You can pair them with sneakers, heels, or even ballet flats to give off different looks. For the male audience, brands are producing cargo denim pants. Overall, cargo pants are now paired to serve as stylish casual wear among men and women as there are versatile adaptations of them.

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