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These Six Great Breakthroughs From The 80s Changed The World

Can you imagine a world without all the technological innovations and medical advances that we often rely on today? It doesn’t sound like a nice place to live in, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know that we’d probably have no option but to exist on a planet without Microsoft Windows, gaming consoles, and modern cameras if it weren’t for many revolutionary inventions that appeared during the 80s. Here, we’ll mention six of them and analyze how they have shaped our modern-day society.

The artificial human heart (1982)

Nothing clearly shows the perfect engineering of the human heart more than the dozens of attempts doctors have made to imitate it. And while the code to a long-lasting artificial heart hasn’t been cracked yet, we wouldn’t consider it possible if it wasn’t for Dr. Robert Jarvik.

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On December 2, 1982, a healthcare professional successfully implanted the Jarvik 7, the world’s first artificial heart, into a man who volunteered to undergo the dangerous surgery. Since then, this innovation has saved thousands of lives, as it helps patients survive until a real heart is donated to them.

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