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Unforgettable Commercials: These Most Iconic Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Even though they are just seconds-long videos, Super Bowl commercials are so unique because they often capture our shared experiences. While we remember some of these commercials for making us laugh and going straight to the point, we remember others for making us want stuff. Here are five Super Bowl commercials that made us wish the game could be postponed a bit longer. 

The Budweiser Frogs

It’s an unarguable fact– Budweiser has produced some of the most popular Super Bowl commercials. However, this frog-themed ad remains one of the best and most popular.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The ad is based on a simple concept. It features three frogs in a swamp, croaking ‘Budweiser.’ Directed by the young Gore Verbinski, the commercial was peaceful and quiet, a perfect contrast to the noisy game.

Google’s love story

This 2010 Super Bowl commercial is completely innovative- it’s an ad nobody thought could be squeezed into a few seconds. Google told a love story through their search window.

Courtesy: YouTube

From the pulse of the blinking cursor, which was in sync with the first piano notes, to the last search, Google showed us the power of their product. The commercial was so sweet- it made us wish it were longer.

Alexa’s Fill-ins

This 2021 Amazon commercial shows the love-hate relationship we have with technology- it also shows some of our favorite singers. The ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’ commercial was funny and unique.

Courtesy: YouTube

In the ad, the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa, is sick, and her voice is replaced with the distinct voices of the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Hopkins. The most remarkable part was the look on the face of the guy who got Cardi B’s voice.

Viva Young

This 2013 Taco Bell commercial is one of the best for one reason- it makes a point we all agree on. The ad reminds us of what we love about the chain- the food is cheap and is best enjoyed with friends.

Courtesy: YouTube

The fact that the circle of ‘young friends’ was played by a group of cute octogenarians vibing to a Spanish version of ‘We Are Young’ made it funny. The message is clear enough- you can enjoy Taco Bells from junior to senior years.

Hey Kid, Catch!

This is one of those commercials that make you smile regardless of if your team is losing or winning. In this 1979 Coca-Cola ad, a kid from Sesame Street energizes a weary Joe Greene with a cold bottle of Coke.

Courtesy: YouTube

This commercial became even more popular when Joe Greene led the Steelers to their fourth victory in 1980. The commercial won different awards and even inspired a movie, The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.

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