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From Emma Roberts to Kenan Thompson, What Are These Famous Nickelodeon Stars Doing Now?

Is there a children’s television channel that offers amazing cartoons and entertaining shows like Nickelodeon? We didn’t think so. From iCarly and All That to Clarissa Explains It All and Drake & Josh, Nickelodeon shows and their actors are dear to our hearts. While many of these actors are still in the entertainment industry, some have moved on to other endeavors. Here are five of these Nick stars and what they are doing now.

Eliza González

The Mexican actress acted in Nickelodeon’s fifth Latin American production, Sueña Conmigo. We all remember her as the teenager who appeared on a reality show because she had dreams of becoming a famous singer. Well, is she still acting?

Courtesy: Netflix-Wiki

Yes, she’s still very much in the acting business! After her Nickelodeon fame, Eliza has gotten acting roles in A-list movies like Hobbs & Shaw and Baby Driver. There are also different projects that she’ll be releasing soon- and our fingers are crossed. 

Keke Palmer

While it’s true that her Nickelodeon role made her more famous, Keke Palmer had acted in TV shows like ER and Cold Case before her Nickelodeon debut. She played the main character in the sitcom True Jackson, VP; she also wrote and performed the theme song.

Courtesy: Allure

After her Nickelodeon role, Keke has been successful in the music and film industries. She got several award nominations for her role in the 2022 horror movie Nope. As for her music, she released her single, Snack, in 2020; the song quickly became a fan favorite.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts’ role in the Nickelodeon sitcom Unfabulous launched her into fame. After that role, she also acted in famous films like Nancy Drew, Wild Child, and Aquamarine. But after that, she left her child star reputation behind.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Emma delved into more mature roles in movies like We’re The Millers and Scream 4. She also acted in several seasons of the comedy horror series Scream Queens and American Horror Story. So we can say she’s as much of an actress as she was back in her Nickelodeon days.

Ariana Grande

Before she played a main role in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious, Ariana Grande had acted in one episode of The Battery’s Down. After Victorious, Ariana got her spin-off series, Sam & Cat. However, many people don’t remember her acting days since her music has made her an international star.

Courtesy: Britannica

Ariana’s hit songs like Bang Bang and Problem have made her a force in the music industry. She has also collaborated with several star singers, including Mariah Carey in 2020. Her recent studio album, Positions, has earned the singer her fifth number-one album in the U.S.

Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson has starred in different Nickelodeon projects- but he started as a cast member for the sketch comedy All That. Then he went on to star in the beloved sitcom Kenan & Kel before starring in the cult classic based on a sketch from All That, Good Burger.


Outside his Nickelodeon fame, Kenan continued his sketch comedy as a cast member for Saturday Night Live. He acted in the 2021 sitcom, Kenan- and he got an Emmy nomination for his wonderful performance. Well, we’re looking forward to more iconic performances from him.

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