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Where Are They Now? These Pop Stars Were Everything In The 90s

Never mind the chokers, Tamagotchi pets, or flannel shirts… one of the best things about the nineties was its pop music! Some of the most famous hits come from those ten years, like “Wannabe,” “What Is Love,” and “All I Wanna Do,” to name a few. We know all about the post-90s careers of artists like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, but what about the other pop stars of that time? If you want to see what was of celebrities like Jewel, Brandy, and Toni Braxton, keep on reading!


“Who Will Save Your Soul” was perhaps one of the biggest hits of 1995. Jewel entered the music industry at 21 with her pop-folk record called Pieces of you. Although her popularity peaked during that decade, she never stopped putting out music!

Credit: SGranitz/WireImage; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

She has released twelve LPs, including Spirit, 0304, and Picking Up the Pieces, a 2015 follow-up to her first album. Jewel also wrote multiple books and hosted Bravo’s 2010 singing competition Platinum Hit. If you want to hear her live, you can catch her on tour!

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