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A Grunge Comeback: These Are The 90s Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2024

While each decade comes with its unique fashion styles, some just go on with what the last decade brought, while other decades set new fashion principles. Speaking of decades that set standards in fashion, the 1990s was definitely one of them. From bright-colored dresses to sportswear, many 90s trends are back in 2023- and rocking them couldn’t get easier. Here are five 90s trends that we’re rocking!


Overalls were a prominent feature in 90s clothing trends. They were practical and quite versatile, hence their popularity. The usual style then was to wear baggy overalls and leave one shoulder undone. Well, that trend is back and better.

Courtesy: Reddit/The Classic Shop

Today, overalls are seen everywhere in laid-back loungewear and pastel tweed versions. Pair these slightly baggy overalls with a denim shirt for a classy and chic look. Alternatively, you could replace the shirt with graphic tees for a casual look.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were a symbol of chic and feminine minimalism in the 1990s. The thin straps and gliding feel of these silky satin dresses make them demure and sexy without requiring much effort.

Courtesy: Vogue/Pinterest

The sultry feel of slip dresses makes them easy to style. You can easily rock these dresses almost anywhere with leather jackets and combat boots. Complement the dress with attractive accessories like earrings and bracelets to sport the ultimate retro look.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts were a staple of 90s fashion; people loved the fact that they were stylish yet comfortable. From skaters and musicians to the average lady next door, people rocked flannel shirts effortlessly in the 90s.

Courtesy: Pinterest/Vanguard Allure

People wear them as shirt jackets for a more modern look these days. You could also wear them over fitted jeans or belt them over a dress. Everyone loves soft flannel shirts in traditional plaid patterns.


Another big thing in the 90s fashion scene was the sportswear trend. From high-top sneakers and oversized logos to tracksuits, sporty fashion was widely accepted for its practicality. However, it has become more widely integrated today.

Courtesy: Pinterest/GoFynd

Today, the 90s sportswear has been revived as the popular athleisure movement. By mixing sporty elements with feminine and aesthetic pieces and fabrics, sportswear has become a stylish trend.

Baggy Jeans

Of course, no list of 90s fashion trend comebacks would be complete without baggy jeans. The 90s was a period of moving from skinny jeans to more laid-back, baggy jeans, obviously inspired by the hip-hop scene.

Courtesy: Pinterest/InStyle

Whether you prefer mommy jeans or wide-legged jeans, there are many ways to rock baggy jeans today. You could pair them with crop tops and chunky heels for a more sophisticated look. We’re sure this trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

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