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Remember Them? These Are The Top Sitcoms Of The 80s

The 80s were a great decade for many reasons. Sure, the fashion was rather controversial, but we had great snacks like Cheez Balls and Tab Cola. Besides, some claim that it was the golden era of TV sitcoms. Even if you disagree, you cannot deny that they had the best theme songs (so catchy that we still sing them today) and the funniest families that almost felt like part of our own. These shows earned a place in the hearts of America, and we remember them even today!

The Golden Girls

Admit it, you, too wanted to grow old and become one of the Golden Girls! Not only were these ladies hilarious, but they were also great friends. They were a part of our days for seven years until the show ended in 1992.

The Golden Girls (TV Series 1985–1992) - IMDb
Image courtesy of IMDb

Something you might not know is that Betty White almost joins this series as Blanche. However, it was later decided that she should play Rose instead. Can you imagine how different the show would have been?

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