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A Trip To A-Town: Let’s Find Out What Atlanta Looked Like A Few Decades Ago

Nowadays, Atlanta is among the best-known cities worldwide and in the top 10 most visited destinations in the United States. And while this place impresses travelers with its rich story, mesmerizing home architecture, and lovely green spaces, it looked slightly different a few decades ago. Although we can’t physically go back in time to experience Atlanta’s past, we can always look at some photographs and imagine ourselves walking down the streets of this beautiful city. Ready for a trip down memory lane? Let’s go!

Mozelle’s Hair Salon in Home Park

While Los Angeles might always be the heart of the film industry, Atlanta has quickly started making a name for itself as the ‘Hollywood of the South.’ Because of the city’s ever-increasing resume of high-profile events, a notorious influx of A-list talent in the beauty biz has invaded the town.

Image courtesy of @clarkrat / Instagram

But finding talented beauty artists in Atlanta isn’t something new. A few decades ago, a salon called “Mozelle’s” attracted the attention of all Georgian citizens. This place seems like an ideal spot to get your hair done. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could visit it?

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