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Golden Age Hits: Remembering the Chart-Topping Melodies That Defined an Era

Although new chart-topping songs are released almost every day, we can’t forget the classics that defined the golden age of popular music. The golden age of music was an era that lasted from the 60s to the 90s. It’s not a scientific fact that songs from the golden age are more memorable than most 21st-century songs, but the fact that they are still listened to today supports claims. Here are five top hits from the golden age.

“I’ll Be There” by Jackson 5

This 1970s hit song by the Jacksons was the brother’s first ballad- and it took the world by storm. Although their “I Want You Back” debut in 1969 was a high-energy delight, it couldn’t compare to the sweetness of this song.

Courtesy: Stereogum

Being their first ballad, the song became the label’s all-time bestseller; it had that title for over one decade. Hearing young Michael Jackson sing so calmly about eternal devotion with an adult rasp will always be a delight.

“You’re Makin’ Me High” by Toni Braxton

This sexy and danceable song from Toni Braxton’s second album was released in the summer of 1996. The song was the singer’s first no.1 hit, and it became one of the best 90s R&B songs.

Courtesy: Popsugar

The song had suggestive lyrics that were laced with a hot beat that made everyone dance without thinking. While the lyrics were rumored to be about different things, the fun song and its sexy video remain a classic.

“Rose Garden” by Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson released this classic song in 1970, at a time when, according to her, people were trying to recover from the Vietnam years. In the music industry then, the 1970s was a period when country music was having its moment.

Courtesy: Boomplay

Written by country/soul icon Joe South, “Rose Garden” accurately captures the vibe of the time. It was a call to reality that also served as an optimistic song. The song was one of the biggest country hits of 1970.

“Real Love” by Mary J. Blige

“Real Love” was probably the biggest hit from Mary J. Blige’s debut album, “What’s The 411?” Taking inspiration from “Top Billin'” by Audio Two, “Real Love” is one of the most identifiable R&B melodies from the 1990s. 


The song has a smooth, honey-like vibe that just makes you want to sing along. This was Mary J. Blige’s first Top 10 hit. It is still a hit to date.

“Brown Sugar” by Rolling Stones

Another unforgettable hit from the good old days is The Stones’ 1971 party jam, “Brown Sugar.” Aside from tracing rock & roll, the song was packed with deeper meanings that most listeners could relate to.

Courtesy: Pinterest

“Brown Sugar” highlighted slavery and how black lives were plundered. It also traced the fame, wealth, and sexual conquest of the band members themselves. Trust the Rolling Stones to be totally unapologetic about it.

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