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Here Are The Seven Board Games From The 80s That We Still Play Today

If your nose hairs haven’t recovered yet from the burning stench of perm solution and you keep finding errant cassette tapes around your house, you probably lived it up in the 80s! Nonetheless, you don’t need to have been born back then to enjoy the most rad thing of that decade: board games. Today, we invite you to take a dip into the past and find out which fun games have stood the test of time and still hold up. Are you ready for the trip down memory lane?


Whether you’re a logophile or enjoy casual wordplay, chances are that you’ve played Scrabble with your friends once or twice. This tabletop game hasn’t lost its charm decades after its release, mainly because it has different levels for different skill sets and ages.

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Nowadays, about 33% of all homes in the US own a set of Scrabble, and at least 30,000 games are started worldwide each hour. We bet that Butts, the architect who invented this fun board game, never imagined how successful it’d be!

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